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Our Seniors

We are all familiar with the stories of our seniors in long-term care homes who have paid with their lives in this pandemic for decades-long neglect of long-term care homes.  


Studies have now found that during the pandemic, for-profit LTC homes were associated with higher death rates and larger infection outbreaks than not-for-profit homes.  For-profit long-term care homes have been allowed to break the rules with little government oversight and few repercussions for


We need to increase inspections and the financial penalties for infractions and violations in these homes, exposing those with poor reputations through a publicly available rating system.

At the same time, CARP (Canadian Association of Retired People) estimates that about 20 per cent of seniors in long term care could still be at home with appropriate supports. And that's where many would rather be, given the choice.


We all need to do better in keeping our seniors safe with the dignity they



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(Evan Mitsui/CBC)

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