My Vision for Ward 4

If elected, I will provide the strong, effective leadership needed to:

  • Renew and modernize our approach -- keeping the foundations of Catholic education strong for generations to come

  • Guarantee space for local secondary students while safeguarding choice for those who wish to attend another school within the TCDSB

  • Put our own kids first by implementing a moratorium on international students in schools that are oversubscribed 

  • Create a five-year plan to raise the academic bar in priority schools – ensuring all our schools meet or exceed provincial expectations  

  • Recognize the importance of both culture and faith in shaping our next generation by saving international language programs in schools such as St.Josephat

My vision for ward 4 also includes being:


When you elect someone to represent you, is it unreasonable to expect that they return your call? 

I will respond to each and every inquiry promptly.  As your trustee, that’s part of my job.


From spearheading traffic bylaw changes on Kennedy that make our streets safer for kids to fighting for the right of parents to build tree houses in their own backyard, I have proved to be a committed and effective advocate for our community. My track record speaks for itself.



My own kids attend great Catholic schools in my local neighbourhood. We can be proud that our schools are some of the best in the province.  Taking that success for granted now would be a mistake—yet your current trustee is doing just that.  We need to elect more trustees who understand how their decisions affect students because their kids actually attend our schools.  Decisions I make will be guided knowing that it’s not just your child’s future at stake—it’s my childrens’ as well.

Responsive, Effective and Invested – that’s my promise to you.

On October 22, vote for the candidate who will listen.

Vote Diana Alpeza

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