My Story

I am a working mother and self-employed consultant who has lived and been actively involved in the Parkdale-High Park community for over 18 years.

As an effective grassroots organizer and passionate community activist, I have lent my communications, leadership and political skills to many diverse causes.  These include spearheading traffic bylaw changes to make streets safer for children, helping struggling not-for-profits in their fundraising goals and most recently, fighting for the rights of parents to build tree houses for their kids in their own backyards.

My two sons attend outstanding Catholic elementary schools in our neighbourhood, as did my husband and I.  While it is our right to provide a Catholic education for our children, It would be a mistake to take this right for granted – yet our current trustee is doing just that.

As stewards of the next generation of Catholic education, I believe that it is up to us to ensure our education system remains strong for generations to come by making the right decisions today that will guide Catholic education into tomorrow.

Diana Alpeza

Responsive. Effective.Invested.

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