Diana's Story

Diana Alpeza has called Parkdale-High Park home for over 20 years.

Prior to her move to Swansea, Diana spent several years working on the ground as the former Yugoslavia unravelled.  


In Croatia, she accompanied the UN and European Union in their patrols and negotiations of the precarious ceasefire lines established during the war of independence.

Diana worked as a freelancer, hired by the war correspondents of the BBC, SkyNews, Newsday and other international news agencies to help them bring stories from all three front lines of the Bosnian war, to the world. 


In 1999, she helped organize an international conference on the future of the Balkans, held in Dubrovnik.  

Back in Canada, Diana has also worked on CBC documentaries and for the UN War Crimes Tribunal.

Her time spent as a witness to war and its aftermaths left a life-long impression on her. This experience gave her a renewed appreciation for the importance of grass-roots involvement in building strong democratic systems at home and in emerging democracies around the globe. 

A life-long Liberal, Diana's first Queen's Park job was with MPP Gerard Kennedy.

Since then, she has worked at City Hall with Councillor Sylvia Watson and with two Liberal ministers in three different ministries at Queen's Park.  


As a passionate volunteer and effective grassroots organizer, Diana has been active over the years in dozens of elections both in an outside the riding, as a board member on not-for-profits and as a parent volunteer in her childrens' schools.


In the last municipal election, she put her own name forward for the first time as an election candidate.

Diana is the mother of two teenage boys who like to ski, play soccer and hang out with friends when not on family canoe trips on the Humber River.