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Owner, Future Bakery and Former MP Etobicoke Centre 

Borys Wrzesnewskyj

“I met Diana through her community involvement with MPP Gerard Kennedy. When I was later elected as MP, she worked hard to effectively organize support of the Croatian community on my behalf. She has remained both a personal friend and a friend of the Ukrainian community. Diana would be an outstanding advocate for Parkdale-High Park and I fully support her in her nomination.”


Parkdale-High Park Parent


"Diana and I met as parent volunteers and found we both shared a passion for supporting our children’s school community. During a time when our school board proposed changes against the wishes of our community, Diana and I worked closely together to advocate for the parents’ interests.  This led to her decision to run for Catholic School Board trustee.  I have experienced firsthand her incredible drive and depth of her commitment to our school community. Our children have faced unprecedented challenges in the past year and a half and I know Diana would be the voice to ensure that none are left behind. Therefore, I support Diana’s nomination."   


Junction Small Business Owners and Parkdale-High Park Residents

Visic Bros.

"As a local small business for over 51 years, we understand how small businesses have struggled and have had to adapt to survive this pandemic.  Having known Diana for many years, we have seen her commitment to the community and know that she has the experience and knowledge to ensure our concerns as businesses are heard.  We are pleased to stand behind her candidacy."


Sylvia Watson

Former Parkdale-High Park councillor and Liberal candidate 

Diana is hardworking and dedicated to the Parkdale and Roncesvalles 

She has been effective in organizing and promoting numerous community 
initiatives including community cleanups, community meetings to discuss 
important issues, and community outreach to ensure that all residents 
are heard and respected.

Her work in supporting and promoting the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon 
run and other fundraising events provided significant community 
benefits. Her care and compassion enabled her to deal effectively with a 
wide variety of constituent issues.

I am confident that Diana will serve the community well, and I am 
pleased to support her candidacy.


John Colautti

Parkdale-High Park Resident

As friend and as a colleague over the years, Diana has understood the importance of flexibility and a philosophy of give-and-take.  She has the quality to inspire others, creating a level of trust which sparks the motivation to get others on board and get the job done. 

In my efforts in starting my own business as a life Insurance advisor, she successfully demonstrated this quality to myself and inspired others, sparking the motivation to get me going and others on board.  I would wholly endorse Diana Alpeza’s nomination as she would make a great representative for the community.



Parent of three skiers, North York Alpine Racing Club

As President of the North York Alpine Ski Race Club, Diana successfully led the club through the 2020/2021 ski season during all challenges of this pandemic.  She was able to quickly adapt and pivot our ski training program to the ever changing COVID safety protocols.


Diana made sure the club was inclusive, accessible and, most of all, affordable. With Earl Bales Park at Sheppard/Bathurst as our ski hill, our youth racers are even able to attend ski practice via TTC. Community outreach is important to Diana as she has worked with municipal leaders to showcase the value of play and sport within Toronto.

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